It’s an addiction

I’m definitely addicted to online shopping. Every once in a while (ok… every week), I get a kick out of virtual shopping, even if I don’t buy anything. I just like to browse through and see if there’s anything new, cheap or interesting. Unless I have a lot of things (which I go to Gmarket Korea), I usually shop at Gmarket Singapore. Love Gmarket! They have just about everything, there are even sellers who sell KIMCHI and seaweed sheets from Korea! 제미있다

I bought some tops from Jennieshop recently and they were of reasonable quality, pretty designs and most of all, cheap! I wore one top to work recently and met my aunt on the way back. She mentioned that the top looks nice, and I coolly gave the top to her after I changed out of it cos it was cheap enough to give away! Made both of us happy! I’ve bought stuff from Jennieshop previously and she has always maintained a high quality of service and product quality! Thumbs up!

I also bought some knick knacks such as foot paddle file, nail files, and post it notes! Hahahaha!
Post-it Notes – they look cute but aren’t really worth it. Don’t stick well.

Odor remover sticker for shoes – it comes in a pack of 3, but not in the box like below… only those normal plastic bag

Bra clips (now you see it, now you don’t!) – Comes in a pack of 5

Items above are from this seller


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