How I spent the long weekend

As usual, I’d like to avoid the crowds and stay in if I can. Besides the mandatory dental visit and facial trip, I managed to stay in and overdose on K-dramas.

Last week, I finished up Personal Preference and thought that Lee Min Ho looked really cute and charming in the show.

Then this week, I overdosed on Boys Over Flowers – I know that’s a really old show, but I didn’t catch onto the K-drama bandwagon until Xmas 2009. Anyway, so it was good that I only liked the show after it finished airing so I didn’t have to wait too long to watch the epis. The ending was a little disappointing though, ending within like 30 minutes of the last episode, too abrupt for my liking. In here, I liked Kim Bum’s character… as always, I like the sidekicks better than the mains.

And I also catched up on Kim Tak Gu… it’s a new show, currently airing in Korea, and this is what I was referring to earlier. I have to patiently wait for new subbed episodes every week, and it’s really irritating! I know I should be more appreciative of the subbing team, but I’m not known for patience and I wish I can finish the show in one sitting!

I’ve also been raving lots about the multimedia player that I bought from the recent IT show and this is it! It’s a very nifty gadget, good for those who like to watch media clips on the big TV screen. I simply downloaded BOF off Youtube and plugged my HDD into the media player and enjoyed the show. As long as I made sure to download HD quality, it was all good quality on the TV screen. Even dad was surprised how clear it was. It wasn’t expensive too, only S$149 usual price (I bought it at S$129 at the IT show).


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