It’s an illness

There must be something very wrong when you log into Twitter 24/7. It was the first app I downloaded on my iTouch. It was the program that caused me to neglect this blog (besides the numerous kDramas and laziness). Twitter is such a convenient way to update people who bother to be updated with my mundane life. An instant way to let people know where I am, what I’m doing, eating, drinking, buying, watching etc and vice versa.

You know you’re addicted to Twitter when:

  • it is the first thing you check when you wake up in the morning
  • it is the first website you log into when you reach office
  • it is always in the background when you’re on the computer
  • you refresh the site every 2 minutes to see if there’s any update from anyone you’re following
  • you reply immediately to any message that comes in
  • you signed up for an account that lets you update your Twitter account on the go
  • you feel edgy when you are unable to check your friends’ Twitters.
  • you’re elated when WordPress finally has a Twitter widget and the Tweet button

Seek help if you’re like me.


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