Beast & 4Minute – Samsung Celebrations @ Marina

I finally found the cable to upload the pictures from the DC to PC. So long overdued post on Day 1 of Samsung Celebrations @ Marina (but not as overdued as my Taiwan and Macau posts… :P)

The organizers were a little naive and dumb in the sense that they didn’t allow people to stand up and come up to the front and no video & photo taking allowed. WTF. You’re having a concert and you don’t allow people to do such things? We’re not watching a play! As a result, I don’t have photos of 4Minute cos I was really far away from the stage (my seat was right at the back of the VVIP section, and the gap from the stage to the front of the VVIP section was like 10-20m) 😦

Happy peeps with VVIP passes!!

View of stage from my seat... that's how far I am


Can't remember what song this was... Any hardcore fans can recgonise the choreography?

Actually I can only name DooJoon cos I remember him pre-debut days

What's this song?

고마워 삼성회사! Thank you Samsung!


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