Tsk tsk

I used to be one of them, complaining about how badly organized the organizers are, this and that. Never appreciating them. Now that I’ve started work and have a little insight to how events work, I appreciate these companies and people more!

Firstly, be glad if the ticketing system is Sistic! They are more established and have better infrastructures than other ticketing systems in Singapore. I’m sure if another ticketing company is in charge of SS3, there will bound to be more problems than what we are facing now.

Secondly, it is common knowledge that if there is a priority queue, there are limited number of tickets for priority, so that there will still be tickets left for public sales so fret not, those who do not have OCBC cards.

Thirdly, it is not easy to secure artistes, let alone more than 2 shows. With so many members in Super Junior, every member has their own schedule so count ourselves lucky that RITS has managed to get them in for 1 show. If our country has 10000 fans, it doesn’t mean that RITS has to please each and everyone of us and make sure that there is sufficient tickets for us, or don’t bring in SuJu at all. Would you rather not have a chance at seeing them if some Singaporean SuJu fans don’t have a chance to go to the concert?

Fourthly, there is no way the organizers can prevent people from buying bulk tickets and reselling for profit. This is not something that started in recent years… even back in our grandparents’ time, there were already people doing such things. They are called touts. So stop putting the blame on RITS and say that they have bad planning. If you think restricting it to 4 tickets per person is not enough, then how many tickets do you want it to be? I think 4 tickets per pax is reasonable enough. If touts want to purchase more to make money, then just stand firm and not buy from these people who want to make a quick buck from us.

Sheesh… I think kids these days just need to grow up and appreciate what people are doing for them!! RITS, thank you very much! Even if I can’t get tickets to see SuJu this time… it’s ok! There will be a next time or shows in other countries!


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