I’m running out of gift ideas!

As Christmas rocks up, I find myself at a loss at what to buy for Christmas presents. It’s not so bad if we know what the receiving party likes, for example, I’ll be definitely buying something cosmetic/skincare-related for my beauty blogging pals. I also know what to get for my best pal since she’s been talking about wanting to get a iPod Touch since she saw mine (no, I’m not getting her the Touch! Accessories my dear, accessories!!)

But what can I get for office colleagues? Something not too expensive since I’ll be getting for a whole bunch of them, but yet something thoughtful and practical? I’m thinking of the following:

1) flavoured tea bags/coffee mixes – it might be a lil’ odd for a Xmas present, but I’d rather buy something more practical than something which looks good but will be chucked away, or left to sit in a corner for months to come.
2) miniature hand creams – working in the office for long hours often gives us dry hands and unsightly cuticles!
3) mugs – again, having a personal mug is essential in the office (I hate sharing mugs… super gross!), but some of my colleagues surprisingly do not own a mug.
4) hand/foot masks – same as point #2!
5) handphone dangle thingy?



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