MNet Ultimate Live in Asia 2010!

I was really lucky to have gotten VIP tickets for the event… so I rocked up with Steff, my star-chasing buddy! The show started at 6.30pm, 30mins behind scheduled start, but it’s all ok… the fans were still really hyped. Some of them were a little crazy, screaming and waving at the MTV that was playing on the big screen… like what for?! The artistes can’t see you… and it’s darn irritating when you continue to scream at the same MTV for the sixth time running!

Being in the VIP section meant that we got good standing locations since the number of VIP/priority passes were limited. We were pretty near the stage, would say about 3 rows behind? But my camera still sucks with only 5x optical zoom so I didn’t take many pictures and videos, leaving Steff to do the job with her mighty 12x zoom camera. The groups were all fantastic but the star of the show was 2PM for sure. They sang so many songs, I think close to 10 or even more! And Taecyeon was really beastly… hahaha!


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