Taiwan 2009 – Part 1

Woah… finally eh? It’s a good 12 months already… it was a good trip with good weather and good company and just pure R&R for that whole 10 days. Having been to Taipei before, I wanted to visit Kaohsiung this time. The show that we were obsessed with prior to leaving for the trip was Black & White 痞子英雄 (80% of the show was filmed in Kaohsiung) so we knew we definitely wanted to visit that place.

We took China Airlines to Kaohsiung as there weren’t any direct flights that matched our schedules.

PS: I tried to find a decent picture of a China Airlines plane and to my horror, there were a lot of CA wrecked planes that came up in page 1 of Google image results. Gulp.

This was the hotel we stayed in for the first half of the trip: King’s Town Hotel Kaohsiung which was a stone’s throw away from the Kaohsiung Railway station. Do note that this is the railway that brings you to other towns in South Taiwan, not MRT that brings you AROUND Kaohsiung. The MRT however, is behind the railway station, and is accessible through a shortcut at the railway station for around S$0.25.

The hotel was clean and room was spacious but the breakfast was bad (I think it’s a Taiwanese thing cos the hotel breakfast at Taipei was sucky too). We only had breakfast there twice and would rather have breakfast/brunch outside. The smell wasn’t evident at night when we arrived at the hotel (we took an evening flight and arrived at the airport around midnight) but there was a strong stench of smelly tofu during the day. Luckily for me, I get used to smells quite fast and I quite like eating smelly tofu so I wasn’t too affected by it.

The Kaohsiung MRT system was a breeze to navigate, with only 2 MRT lines! It has only been a couple of years since Kaohsiung had their own MRT system so everything was still in the works. As you can see, we’re only 1 stop away from the interchange, and the most beautiful/artistic interchange I’ve seen.

Kaohsiung Main Station

As the MRT system is new, there are only 2 lines so far, and super easy to get around!

Red or orange line?

Formosa Boulevard is the station I was mentioning earlier… look!

The chinese name for this station is "Beautiful Island" How apt!

The picture could not fully express the beauty of this artpiece! It's called Dome of Light


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