Taiwan 2009 – Part 2

On our first day there, we went to Cijin Island. To get there, we had to take the MRT to Sizihwan (西子湾) Station on the Orange line. From there, we had to walk approximately 10 minutes to Gushan Pier and take a ferry over to Cijin island. Cijin island is a small island to the southwest of Kaohsiung that offers fresh seafood at affordable prices, and lots of breathtaking scenery.

Sizihwan station

Gushan Ferry Pier

We decided to rent bicycles to travel around the island as it would be crazy to visit the various places on foot and the distances would be too short to take a cab. Once you arrive at the pier on Cijin, there are a number of bicycle rentals to choose from. The rates are all about the same, so it doesn’t matter which one you rent from. The bicycles are pretty well-maintained too.

Cijin pier

The view isn't as picturesque as Perth (a little hazy that day), but the air is as fresh!

We cycled for about 5 hours, up the hill, down the hill, along the coastline, before returning to the main island. It was nice taking a break from the busy city.

Once back in the city, we went to Love River (爱河) at night as I heard that the lights there were beautiful. Unfortunately, I don’t think so…maybe it’s nicer during the day… I don’t know… there isn’t much to do at Love River (couldn’t find the bands that were supposed to be there) so we returned back to the hotel after the boat ride… I think dinner was MOS burger which was super yummy! They had a special pork burger there which was so good!!

Pretty meh? Can you believe this was 6pm when I took the picture? Sun sets very early in Taiwan!


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