Taiwan 2009 – Part 3

Day 2 was shopping day for us as I wanted to get some nice clothes for my brother’s wedding (the same day I flew back to SG)… so we went off to Dream Mall. To get to Dream Mall, we took a train to Kaixuan station (凯旋站) R6 on the red line. There will be free shuttle buses to Dream Mall. If you don’t want to wait, you can also take a cab there from the station.

Look! It's a shopping mall in the shape of a whale!

Dream Mall is really huge (the largest in Asia!), and it also features a Sanrio-themed ferris wheel on the rooftop. How cute!

Dad tried to be artistic and snapped this art feature on the ceiling

Dream Mall made up of lego bricks! CUTE

The mall featured a mixture of local and international brands but I felt that the local brands, while price was affordable, didn’t have clothes as nice as the international brands. But the international brands were really pricey! I really liked this emerald green toga dress which I thought would be great for the wedding, but it was close to S$400!! GULP. I went over to MNG but there wasn’t anything that caught my eye… though the dress I tried on grew on me only after I came back to SG and it was already sold out here.

We became kids and paid NT150 each to take a ride on the ferris wheel on the roof.

I liked the cushion so much!!

Dad tried to imitate BadBadMaru... er... BAD imitation!

I wish I was in this cabin instead... love Cinnamon Roll and that plush pillow inside!!

Having no luck at shopping at Dream Mall, we decided to head off to Liouhe night market (六合夜市), which is situated at Formosa Boulevard station (the station with the breathtaking and largest glass artwork in the world). There are several exits so follow the signs closely!

Yet another artwork along the walkway of the MRT station

This way to yummy and cheap eats

Gateway to food heaven

While there, we ate dinner which was basically street food. We drank the famous papaya milk at the Zheng Lao Pai Fruit Juice stall near the entrance of the night market.

The signature square watermelon in front of the stall

I also had the sugar syrup coated sweet potato cubes and smelly tofu (but the one I had in Taipei is still better)! The sweet potato stall is at the opposite end of the night market (towards the end). I also had the pepper meat buns were also yummy! Juicy and meaty and peppery… and the bun skin wasn’t too thick. The stall is diagonally across from the fruit juice stall.

Soft, sweet fluffy sweet potato cubes coated with sugar syrup... sweet potato version of Poppycock!!

Smelly tofu which isn't that smelly... which means not that nice.

OMG... I'm salivating just looking at this picture

I bought 2 pairs of shoes at the night market, which were cheap cos I managed to bargain the price down to S$25/pair! Quality is good as they’re still in good condition and they don’t bite the back of my ankles!

Back at the station, we stopped to take more pictures of Dome of Light. You can say that I really, really, really like it loads!


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