Taiwan 2009 – Day 5

We were actually already in Kenting (垦丁) on Day 5. We chose to stay at a homestay place as it was a very popular kind of accommodation in Taiwan. Cheap and no-frills. We searched for our place online while in Kaohsiung and booked over the phone. Location and mode of payment were important to us, so we decided on Formost Hotel (We found our place via UUKT) as they accepted credit card booking and payment. The very nice owner also helped us arrange transport from Kaohsiung to Kenting (we traveled through the evening on Day 4, taking a private van. It was about 3 hours drive). The location was superb, right on the main street of Kenting, with many convenience stores located nearby. The hotel was quiet as it was winter and not many people go to Kenting during then.

Balcony overlooking the main street of Kenting

Kenting is a quiet little town, well-known for its beaches and water sports. So we visited the beach…

This cafe belongs to Howard hotel if I'm not wrong

Sun's out and scorching hot

This place reminds me of The O.C. Why ah? But I was glad to visit Starbucks for a caramel macchiato!

The street slowly becoming alive at night (6pm)


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