Taiwan 2009 – Part 6

Woke up bright and early (the sun rises and sets very early in Taiwan) for a day trip that we signed up for. The front desk of the hotel we stayed in was friendly and helped us arrange a day tour. We opted for 2 separate tours (AM & PM) as it was cheaper (the day long option included lunch which we wanted to settle on our own… and we ended up having bowl noodles which was fantastic! I love Taiwan bowl noodles!)

In the morning, we went to Hengchun 恒春, Chu-huo 出火and Gang-Kou 港口.

Hengchun somehow reminded me of Malacca, being a tourist spot (due to the movie Cape No.7) but yet retaining its rustic charm. We merely passed by the town though and didn’t stop as we were rushing to our next location, Chuhuo.

Hmm... how special can this place be?

Natural campfire anyone?

Next, we were brought to a bridge that is called 吊桥 (or Hanging Bridge), if I remember correctly. It is located in Bitan (碧潭), and is 200m long. I was hesistant to go onto the bridge as I have a fear of bridges collapsing but I went onto it eventually… and walked really slow.

I can't see the end!

Nice view... glad I went onto the bridge!

Next, we went to a spot called 风吹沙, the direct translation would be “wind blow sand”.

The winds here are so strong that they blew the sand from the beach to the road and created a small sand dune!

Then it was Longpan Park, which technically isn’t a park, because it had cliffs which you can go onto (be careful!) and strong winds that could either blow you into safety, or into the sea!!! It’s my favourite spot (out of the places we went to during this trip cos I love the cold air!)

Longpan Park

The vast ocean... breathtaking view

Mom running for "safety"

Look at the grass!

Somehow, I always seemed to be visiting lighthouses on such sightseeing trip (think Augusta in Perth), so Eluanbi Light was on the itinerary too. I am obviously not impressed by the view or place as I have no pictures of that location! We next went to a coral beach, but er… looks like any other beach to me. We were not allowed to go down there, as it is a protected area.

What's the difference?!

Before we ended the AM trip, there was one last place to visit. 船帆石

Rock formation that is supposedly very famous.

The guide came back to the hotel to pick us up after lunch, and it was more interesting than AM trip! We went to the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium and saw lots of interesting marine life. In fact, I think we spent close to 2 hours there!

Hello fishy!

No highrise buildings here!

After the aquarium (I almost didn’t want to leave), we were running a little late, and quickly rushed to our next location, Maobitou (猫鼻头). Again, another rock formation.

What is Maobitou?

Nice view, but the "closed during typhoons" sign is a spoiler.

The said cat's nose rock, which gave the place its name. The Taiwanese seriously have very good imagination...

Read and see picture above again to see if you agree with the text

Dad was snapping pictures and I decided to do the same pose as a photo taken in Perth.

Same pose? Perth 2007

The sun was setting really quickly, so we had to rush off to our last stop where we were supposed to watch the sunset. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day, and we didn’t manage to see a nice sunset.

I put on a Taiwanese thinking cap, and named this picture "UFO arrival"


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