Taiwan 2009 – Part 7

2nd last day of the trip. We decided to go to Kenting Hi World, which was a submarine ride with glass panels at the bottom so you can view the bottom of the sea. On this day, a group of Singaporeans arrived at the hotel and was going to the same place as us. We actually saw them at MacDonald’s in the morning and heard them (the Singaporean accent is recognizable anywhere!) but didn’t know they are staying at the same hotel as us. So we chatted on the way to Hi World and recommended a few places for them to visit in Kaohsiung (since they went straight to Kenting first, and will only move upwards to Kaohsiung later). Of course, I told them and showed them pictures of Dome of Light and Liouhe night market! Unfortunately, a group of Chinese tourists were taking the same tour time as us, and even the Taiwanese staff asked us to hurry up onto one of the 2 submarines to get a good seat (Chinese tourists are notoriously noisy, rowdy and rude)


The yellow submarine...

Unfortunately, the waters were not calm (impending storm??) and it was a little difficult to see/capture the marine life properly.

Finally a clear shot

Don't know what kind of coral this is, but it looks interesting with neon tips!

We couldn't wait to get back on shore and away from the Chinese tourists

After going back to the hotel, I was lazy and wanted to just watch TV and snack on tidbits from the convenience store but Dad was persistent that we maximise our time in Kenting and said that there’s an interesting tourist spot called 冒烟的乔 which sounded similar to Smoking Bridge (it’s a different Chinese character for bridge though). So I was like “ok… let’s go”. It was walking distance from our hotel, about 15 minutes walk. When we got there, I don’t know what to make of it…

Tourist spot??

We walked all the way (I was still wearing slippers, despite it being winter!) so we decided to stroll along and wait for sunset. I took a few more pictures to remember the place.

We also walked along the stretch of hotels facing the beach and made notes which hotels we should stay at the next time we’re there.

And the next day, Day 8, it was home sweet home! I actually rushed to the wedding reception from the airport (took the MRT there…) with luggage in hand! LOL Everyone was shocked but he’s my brother, so that’s the least I can do for him… happy anniversary today!


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