Take that Brother printers!

I love Brother printers because they’re cheap and give me good quality prints. But I often have problems with their ink cartridges running out very quickly. I can put in a new cartridge, only to have the printer say the ink has run out after 5 pages of printing and endless cleaning. But when I take the cartridge out, I see that there’s still lots of ink in there, but the printer simply will not detect it. Frustrated with that, I decided to do a search online. The solution was easy: black electrical tape. I tried it and it works!

In case the video is not clear, I’ve taken some pictures! I’m using Brother MFC-260C which looks like this… I love it cos it can fax, scan and print… simple set up as well. I used to own a 110C but that’s gone kaput… Now I’m thinking… perhaps I can try the same black tape trick and see if it still works.

So every ink cartridge looks like this:
The part circled in red is where the printer will detect ink levels. What happens is that the ink sensor will emit light and detect ink levels by the amount of reflection. If the cartridge is full of ink, there will not be any reflection. If the cartridge is near empty, a lot of light will be reflected. So it’s a simple trick. Cover the part with black tape so that the sensor will be tricked into thinking that the cartridge is full of ink!


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