2011 Resolutions

I’m going to list down some resolutions, which I think I can stick to, and use this blog to keep track of my progress.

  1. First one’s gonna be simple. SLEEP EARLY. By early, I don’t mind early in the morning, but rather early in the night. Stop being an night owl and try to sleep before 1130 on workdays, and before 12am on non-workdays. Hey, cut me some slack and let me ‘party’ a little on some nights yea?
  2. Meet up with Bee at least 4x a year, so that averages out to once every quarter. I actually said twice a year only, but Bee “complained” that “twice only?”, so I increased to 4x. That takes into consideration our busy downtime with work and other commitments. *Bee I upped the minimum quota! LOL.
  3. Lose weight FAT. I’m not so concerned with weight actually, but rather the overall body shape. I don’t mind gaining weight if what I’m gaining is muscle mass, and leads to an overall nicer body shape. I reckon I’ve gained at least 4kg over the last year. I’ve just started on a jamu slimming massage package so we’ll see how that goes. And I’ve also started to be more conscious about what I eat – trying to be healthy and eat at least a cup of yogurt daily, and also eating replacement meals for dinner.
  4. Love my skin and be more diligent in going for facials, doing “maintenance”.

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