Confessions of a Suju-holic

This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done so far, for an idol group. I’m actually travelling to KL, M’sia this weekend to catch Super Junior in action. By the time this entry is posted, I should be somewhere along the North-South highway I guess. ^_^ It’s a last minute decision cos a kind birdie gave me a pair of tickets to catch the show, knowing how much I heart them, and how much I enjoyed myself at the SG show. I’m not sure if cameras will be allowed, and how strict security would be, but hopefully I’ll manage to smuggle in the DSLR! 😛 Besides the show, kind birdie helped me buy the L-folders from TW where she was at the last week for the Super Junior TW concert. Obviously, I only got one and the rest were split among herself and her friends. No point getting a whole set (it’s abt S$65!) when I know I won’t use them… hey, as crazy as I may seem, there’s still a streak of rationality here ok!

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