Korea 2011 – Part 2

Day 2 saw us leaving Seoul for Jeju Island. But we’ll be back soon, 5 days later. We went to Everland during the day, but sadly it was super crowded, and we only had about 3 hours in the park, of which the guide has planned for us to take some rides (boring rides because there were some old folks in the group). We watched a 3D film about some twin tigers saving the world (ultimate duh), and went to the safari. The safari was cool though! We only had 45 min free time, not enough to do anything so we decided to get our caricature drawn.

After Everland, we went to make kimchi… VERY fun! It was simple cos the marinade has been prepared for us beforehand. Mum went crazy here, buying 6kg of cabbage kimchi, and another 2kg of radish kimchi. We also had the opportunity to wear hanbok, Korea’s traditional outfit.

Dinner was chicken stew (닭짐) – I actually had to google this dish because it wasn’t stated on the itinerary. Nevertheless, it was yummy, and reminded me of what Joyce’s mum used to cook for me when we were still in school. Lean chicken, soft carrots and potato chunks, chinese cabbage, Korean sweet potato noodles and Korean rice cakes. Very very good, and I would have eaten much more, if not for the fact that I was not game for dinner at 4pm. Yes, we had dinner at 4pm that day because we had to catch our flight to Jeju at 7pm.

We stayed at Ocean Suites Jeju Hotel. It is pretty new and clean, the best hotel we stayed during our entire trip. The main room had one queen bed, one super single bed and lots of floor space. I bet there was enough floor space to accommodate another 2-3 people sleeping on the floor. Not only that, that was a separate room with 1 bed AND extra blanket and pillow for someone to sleep tatami style.


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