4 in the morning

No, it’s not the Gwen Stefani song I’m talking about, though it’s also almost 4am at time of writing. I went to bed early last night coz I was really exhausted despite it being only mid-week, and stupidly enough my mind suddenly went into overdrive and I woke up at 2am. Worst part of it is that I can’t get back to sleep now! TSK

So yes, some updates from me. I have left my first job, after being with the company for close to 4 years. It’s a place that has nurtured me and made me a slightly more tolerant person, but I don’t see myself with that company for long. It’s sad when you like the job scope but leave due to people reasons. ‘Nuff said.

I’m now with a company that deals with automation products, doing customer service. It can be pretty mundane stuff, entering customer orders and making sure that they get shipped out accurately and on time, but to me, it’s a learning opportunity. 1 month onto the new job, and I’m still enjoying it! Funnily enough, it is the same company that my mum used to work at, and same job scope that she used to do while there.


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