Sweden 2011 – Part 1

So, if you’re my friend on Facebook, or if you follow me closely on Twitter, you’d have known that I was in Sweden for a week in Nov 2011. For a business training trip, but still it was fun! I mean, there’s only so much work you can do in a day right? *wink* The Swedes actually start their day at 7.30am and end at 4.30pm because the sun sets earlier during winter. But for me, we only entered the office at around 8.30am and go off around the same time as the Swedes. Shhhh…. I don’t have many photos taken during this trip because I thought I forgot to bring my camera cable which doubles up as the charger via the PC, but silly me. It was actually in one of the zip pockets of the laptop bag. DUH.

Anyway, I went with 2 other colleagues which was great because at least I had company, and the guys helped me with my *lousy quality* luggages. YAY to wonderful colleagues! LOL. We flew to Stockholm via Frankfurt and had to take a bus to Vasteras where our office was. The FRA flight was full, but luckily there were no cranky babies.


A mandatory photo of me on board (in the aircraft toilet). Super lok because I took a night flight and it’s going to be 12 hours, so I decided to go makeup-less and with specs. I think this was around the 4 hour mark where I decided to wash up, brush teeth and apply moisturizer before I go to La La Land. Could you sense my excitement? It’s my first time to Europe… so suaku I know!!!

Waiting for our plane to Stockholm. I broke out my brand new Uniqlo parka to wear coz it’s kinda cold at FRA airport. Feather light and easy to keep and maintain!! It’s seriously WTF amazing. No joke.

Proof that I was actually in Frankfurt. Muahahaha!

This is what happens to you when you act smart and don’t sleep on the plane. SUPER SHAGGED TO THE MAX.

And this is how you’ll feel when you are a lucky bastard and get a window seat with no passenger next to you.

This is my travel essential. More important than bringing travel adaptor or that face moisturizer. I brought two of these for this trip.

And here we are! Stockholm Arlanda airport. Here, I got into a lengthy and unnecessary discussion with one of my colleagues on the difference in photos taken by an Asian and a Westerner. He says I act like a Westerner. I say he’s talking rubbish and full of bullshit.

Our very important bus ticket to Vasteras. 219 SEK for one-way… ard S$44. Sounds expensive but this is a 2 hour bus trip with FREE wifi all the freaking way! Where can you find this in Singapore?!!!

My luggage porters for this trip. Just kidding… 😛

Ok, now go off… my turn to have a solo photo can?

On the way to Vasteras, it was tons of greenery… more than Singapore. There’s something about cold weather and gorgeous skies.

But I had a weird nagging feeling about those trees….

It feels like the Cullens and their friends stay there… the blue skies and trees were like a long roll of wallpaper which never ended so I doze off after this picture.

At the entrance of my hotel room…

The room’s huge! Coz I’m staying alone…of course lah! I’m the only female and if the company expects us to share rooms, I’d be KPKB-ing all the way. Don’t be so stingy can~~~ But one thing about this hotel is that there isn’t any electric kettle, cups or complementary coffee & teabags in the room. They have them out in the dining area near the reception but it’s a little troublesome to go out of the room at night for a glass of water right?

Shower room…the shower unit had a temperature regulator thingy which was so fascinating. I think I’m really suaku lah.

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