Food Review: Capricciosa JCube

I was craving for pasta last night, more specifically squid ink pasta, and so the boy suggested Capricciosa at JCube. To be honest, I was kinda hesitant as I kinda wanted to go to Galbiati at Rail Mall. While Galbiati doesn’t have squid ink sauce pasta, they do have a very mean squid ink pasta in pink sauce. So anyway, I decided to try Capricciosa since we haven’t been there before and also Galbiati can be a bit pricey. The waiting times at Capricciosa can be a little long though, probably due to it being a Friday. We started queuing at 705pm, got seated at 725pm, food got served at around 8pm.

Appetizer: A-3 Calamari Fritto $8.90

Appetizer: A-3 Calamari Fritto $8.90

We thought the calamari was a little too oily… but luckily it wasn’t overcooked. The lemon wedge could be a little bigger, as the calamari definitely needed more acidity to cut down on the oiliness.

2013-06-07 19.56.05

My pasta main: S-7 Calamari & Onions in Squid ink sauce $16.90

2013-06-07 19.56.13

His pasta main: C-6 Fettuccine with Chicken & Mushrooms in Alfredo sauce $13.90


The pasta mains were good. My spaghetti was cooked perfectly with a slight bite, but could do with a few more rings of calamari. Too much spaghetti, too little ingredients. But it’s always fun eating squid ink pasta! *bares black teeth and tongue*

I loved the texture of his fettuccine, I thought it’s a little like mee pok noodles. The sauce was good, creamy but not overwhelming. He didn’t like the chicken though, it was pre-marinated with a bit of spice, and he thought it didn’t go so well with the sauce.

2013-06-07 20.15.20

Dessert: G-4 Tiramisu $6.90


I think this is the only dish I didn’t like. It was too cakey for me, and I couldn’t taste the liquor nor the creamy delightful mascarpone cheese. 😦


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