Shanghai 2012 – Part 4

Yu Yuan

Yu Yuan

We visited Yu Yuan after Xin Tian Di, but sadly we were too full to try the famous xiao long bao there. We did have ice cream though! 😛


Flavours of snuff


What is snuff??

Came across this interesting shop and bought some snuff for my sister. It’s quite funny when she uses snuff coz it looks like she’s sniffing drugs (but she’s not, obviously!).


Apparently, there are as many Apple staff as there are Apple customers


Ren Min Guang Chang in daytime


Interesting aquarium display in the shopping centre, but sadly, the glass cracked and the fishes (& sharks) died in March 2013.


Interesting vending machines that sell food coupons (something like Groupon, but physically available)


You know why this picture was taken right?!?


Homecooked tofu soup, Korean style


Korean Kimchi pancakes

Us girls wanted to reward mum & her colleagues with a homecooked meal, so we made a pseudo-Korean meal for them. The tofu soup was chockful of ingredients, ala Tan Family style! Always more ingredients than anything else. LOL

Other than shopping and eating, there really really isn’t much to do in Shanghai. It’s very much similar to Singapore, just that signs and language are in Mandarin. I went again in Aug 2012, and I stayed at home 80% of the time coz it was so freaking hot. Like really way much hotter and humid than Singapore. A 10 min walk to the nearby shops had me dripping sweat, and the Starbucks staff asked me if I was ok (like if I was going to pass out from the heat). Embarrassed mucho?


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