Food Review: Maki-san @ The Cathay

I love Japanese food. No doubt about it. But I haven’t been much of a foodie, and so it took me forever to hear about Maki-San. But nevermind now.

Maki-San is an interesting sushi bar concept, which works something similar to Subway, but less uhmm-ing and ahhh-ing in front of the counter. It’s easy peasy to order with them.

  1. Decide whether you want a maki roll or salad
  2. Pick up the corresponding order form and follow the instructions (decide on size, and ingredients)
  3. Present filled up order form to cashier and pay up
  4. Wait for your number to be called
  5. Pick up your food and eat.

Simple right?

Our small maki rolls. Yes, these are small size!!

Our small maki rolls. Yes, these are small size!!

You pick what ingredients you want in your maki!

You pick what ingredients you want in your maki but you have to bear the consequences if you’re “tooooo” adventurous!

To me, customizable maki rolls are interesting as I get to pick and choose what ingredients I want. But for the less adventurous, fret not! Maki-San also has some tried & tested creations that you can also choose from the menu. The small size maki roll was sufficient for the boy’s appetite (and he can eat quite a bit) and was a little too much for me. Both large and small size have 8 slices of sushi. The only difference is the amount of ingredients you place in your maki, and subsequently the diameter of your roll.

Maki-San places your maki roll in very pretty and creatively designed boxes. I’ve read and heard about some people even going back again and again to collect the different boxes! Truth be told, I almost wanted to bring back my box too… if you pay close attention to the photo above, my box was avocado prints! But alas, the inside of the box was tainted with sauce, and I felt it was quite gross though the sauce could be cleaned off. Oh well… nevermind then! There’s always next time!

Maki-San. Customized sushi rolls!

Maki-San. Customized sushi rolls!

Oh, and Maki-San is now also a merchant on Perx.


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