Recipe: Double chocolate muffin



I haven’t been baking for a long time coz I was lazy to wash up, the kitchen is always crowded with the maid & 2 grannies pottering around, and because I was lazy to wash up. Anyway, I decided to clear out some of the old baking supplies in the fridge, and decided to go for a double chocolate chip muffin recipe, especially after seeing how easy it was to make! Muffins are always more welcomed than cupcakes in my family as we do not like sweet stuff, and definitely do not like the cupcake icing.



I followed the recipe closely, though I did swap the applesauce for canola oil, ground hazelnut flour instead of whole wheat flour, and chopped up chocolate pieces instead of mini chocolate chips. The muffins turned out great, not dry, huge chocolate flavour, and the tops were crispy! BUT I must have lost my baking touch as the muffin bottoms all stuck to the pan and I can’t get a nice one out. Which is why, I’m only showing you a picture of the muffins in the pan. 😦


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