Food Review: Sunset Grill & Pub

Buffalo wings. Never one of my favourite food items, mainly because it’s wings (I don’t like bones), and because it’s chicken (I’m more of a seafood person). I don’t mind the occasional wing, but not something I’d suggest. Anyway, the boy’s friend suggested to go for buffalo wings at Sunset Grill & Pub last weekend, and I went along, after hearing how spicy and shiok the buffalo wings are.

2013-06-08 18.05.38

6 pcs Level 2 buffalo wings, $19.90 I think
We’re wimps and started on Level 2 only

The wings actually taste great! They’re cooked to perfection, ie without blood. I just hate it when the meat near the bones are not cooked properly, and you can still see red. Eww… super turned off. The marinade was also super tasty, just a hint of spice and tangyness. I like! Friend was suggesting us to move up to Level 5 next time. Er… baby steps… I’m still quite scared.

Since there were 3 of us, and only 6 wings, I ordered a BBQ combo to share as well. Pork ribs for me, chicken for the boy.

2013-06-08 18.18.51

BBQ combo, $32

The pork ribs were pretty good, but I think I could do with more of the BBQ sauce as the meat got a little dry. Fries were piping hot and I like such thick cut fries coz higher probability of soggy fries! I like!


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