Food Review: Koh Sushi Grill & Bar

It’s funny how Bee’s going back to KL soon, then we started meeting up more frequently. We’re both foodies and (ex) beauty bloggers, so… naturally we click. LOL

Last Tuesday, we met up to exchange the nail polishes she helped me order, and the collagen jellies I helped her order (that reminds me, Bee remember to take those jellies ah!! Boing boing skin coming your way!), and to have some yummy noms. She hasn’t tried Koh Sushi before! *horrors of all horrors!* That needs some fixing!

Deep fried salmon skin $4

Deep fried salmon skin $4

Deep fried salmon skin is like a must! Heh… I’d say some parts were a little too chewy for my liking, but most of the pieces were fried really well. None of that 臭油味 too.


Pitan Maki $9 (half serving), $16.80 (full serving)

First time trying Pitan Maki ‘coz I tried a full serving of Shiok Maki previously and was stuffed. The pitan sauce was creamy and light, couldn’t taste much of the ammonia taste. Sadly, the maki wasn’t rolled very tightly and the sushi was sorta falling apart when I picked it up with my chopsticks. The swordfish belly sashimi was good though. *first time trying swordfish sashimi*


Shiok Maki $9 (half serving), $16.80 (full serving)

The legendary Shiok Maki, a must-order when you go to Koh Sushi. Unagi and avocado maki roll, layered with (thick) aburi salmon sashimi slices and the house special sauce. Oh, and the mounds of tobiko roe. MMMMMMM~~~


Cod Chef Special $18

We both thought the cod was exceptionally good, though Bee felt that the mentai mayo was a little salty. I like mentai anything, so all was good with me. The cod was grilled to perfection, the white meat flaking off easily without being tough and dry. A certain someone might have closed her eyes and let a “mmmm” slip through her lips while she enjoyed the fish.


Grilled salmon belly $15

Salmon belly, fatty and yummy. But we thought it paled in comparison to the cod, probably because this was plain grilled with salt. It lacked the Oomph factor.


Grilled Eggplant with sweet miso $5

I couldn’t let this pass. I’m a hugeeee fan of eggplants! I thought this was very yummy and it looks simple. Would probably try to replicate it at home.

Tables were cramped together and it was a little noisy if you’re there for a HTHT with your pals. If possible, try to get seats at the bar, or at the side of the bar. It was fun watching the chef prepare the sashimi and sushi rolls. There was bounce and momentum in his slick moves, if that made any sense. Otherwise, just oogle at the somewhat cute chef while waiting for your food. Do you still need anymore reasons to convince you to go? Koh Sushi does not charge service charge.

But a word of caution, it is better to plan your trip to Koh Sushi in advance and make reservations. The queue can get pretty long, it was almost 10-15 pax down when I arrived on a Tuesday evening, 715pm. Luckily I made a reservation the day before via their mobile number 9180 3805. In fact, there was still a short queue when we left at 850pm that night. Don’t say I never warn you…

One thought on “Food Review: Koh Sushi Grill & Bar

  1. b33trice says:

    haha you just had to mention the “blissed out” expression huh 😛 we gotta do at least one more round before I leave yeah??


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