Food Review: Little Diner

Personalized touch

Personalized touch

I explored this quaint dining place called Little Diner along Bukit Timah Road for lunch on Saturday with my friend from Korean class. It wasn’t hard to locate, just a stone’s throw from Guthrie House. Surprisingly it wasn’t crowded at all, but luckily I made reservations or otherwise, we wouldn’t have this personalized placard.

Flat white $4.90

Flat white $4.90

I was early so I started off with a flat white for myself. The coffee was smooth, with nary a tinge of bitterness nor sourness , signs of a good fresh brew. I wish there was the option of soy milk though. My friend and the boy arrived soon after and we quickly decided on what to have for lunch since we were all starving. No more pictures after the coffee since we were starving so a wordy review will have to do.

The boy ordered Chubbs’ Aglio Olio (Garlic, Chilli Flakes, Bacon & Sauteed Tiger Prawns, $17.50). The pasta choice was linguine which was cooked to perfection (for me at least). The prawns were fresh and crunchy. However, the flavour was lacking, perhaps not enough garlic and chilli? There were a lot of bacon bits though.

Our friend had the Brooklyn Fish & Chips (Handcut Fries & Tartare Sauce, $18.50). The dish came with 2 large pieces of fresh fish with crispy batter. The handcut fries had a rustic feel to it and you could really taste the freshness. None of that frozen stuff. The serving was quite big as my friend resorted to removing the batter from the fish, halfway through the meal.

I customized my Hangover Burger (Homemade Beef Patty, Cheddar Cheese, Sunny Side Up Egg, Lettuce & Tomato with side of Baby Green Salad, $16) by requesting for no bun, with a side of mushrooms. The patty was requested medium well, but there were some parts of it a little too cooked. No biggie for me since I used to eat well-done steaks. One complain though, was that the egg was overly salted. The mushrooms were yummy and juicy though. I struggled to finish my meal though the serving looked small.


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