Food Review: Grub Part 2

Grub serves up non-grubby food

The 2nd time I went, I went for dinner and finally managed to order the mussels. I think this dish has also been taken off the menu since my visit as I don’t see it on the menu anymore. It was a stew with mussels and chorizo sausage, but quite a few reviews have commented that the serving was way too small for it to be a main, and the light watery stew wasn’t satisfying. Perhaps it would be better if a side of foccacia was served along with the stew.

So long, mussels

So long, mussels $19

We had chili con carne ($8) and the caramelized onion gratin ($7) for appetizers and I think we all liked the chili con carne better? The portion was more in line with the price IMO. As for mains, my dining partners ordered the GRUB cheeseburger, slow roasted pork belly and pan-seared king salmon and all gave the thumbs up! The cheeseburger was very satisfying for the meat monster, the pork belly was a winner in all our books, and the king salmon came in a huge portion!

We also ordered the churros for dessert, but me no big fan of churros, so I don’t really know what makes a good churro. To me, it was like a doughstick covered in cinnamon sugar. Is that description correct? LOL

After all that food in our happy bellies, we thought of walking over to Bishan Park 2 to look at the dog park, but it was either closed, gone or we remembered the wrong location. Couldn’t find it! We ended up walking and talking, all the way back to Bishan MRT. #digestedallthefood Haha.


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