Food Review: Tai Hwa Pork Noodle

OMG. I don’t know where to start. I usually look at my food pictures and then start forming the blog post in my mind before typing it out. This entry, I looked at the picture, and started to salivate. And then I started to plan when is my next visit. My housemates from uni days recommended me to Tai Hwa Pork Noodles (or BCM, as I call it) almost 7 years ago, and I still thank them to this day. I think if they ever invited me to give a speech on their wedding day, this topic will surface again.

The "considered very short" queue

The “considered very short” queue

Located in a small coffeeshop in between ICA building and the Lavender army market, Tai Hwa BCM is a gem. With almost 80 years of history, I dare say the owners are the experts in BCM. Somehow, the chef cooks each and every bowl of noodle to perfection. It is never soggy and gluggy, maintaining a slight bite to it, even after being  in the tapao container for at least 5 hours (tried and tested).

The noodles soak up the mixture of chilli and vinegar, making it ever so appetizing. Each mouthful brings delight. If you can, try my favourite combination of mee kia with extra chilli & vinegar. It’s hot alright, but shiok. The ingredients are also worth mentioning: fresh pork slices and pork mince, pork liver, meat ball, fish dumpling and fried solefish. Oh, and fried pork lard.

I love all the pork ingredients but don’t really care for the fish dumpling and solefish (I’m not a Teochew what… fish dumplings are a Teochew thing). If I had my way, I’d order all pork mince and liver (my favourite ingredient in BCM!). But to make things simple for the poor guy taking my order of minimum 5 bowls, just the standard ingredients.

OMG. *drools*

OMG. *drools*

Prices start from $5 a bowl.


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