Food Review: Sushi Express

Only $1.50?? Whee

Only $1.50?? Whee

It’s no secret that I love Japanese food, and ever since I started eating salmon sashimi, I’ve been hooked. But Japanese food can be  quite pricey in Singapore, so thank goodness for Sushi Express! Every plate is only $1.50, even sashimi! Where to find anything cheaper than that, you tell me??

Granted the quality of the sashimi at Sushi Express is evidently lower than the likes of Sushi Tei or those hotel restaurants, but don’t forget that the price is almost 3x lower too!

His on the left, mine on the right.

His on the left, mine on the right.

I think the eating monster must have overtaken me that day. Look at the amount I consumed… and almost half of the plates were either salmon sashimi or salmon nigiri. Loads of Omega 3! I also like the coffee jelly there, sweet and wobbly. But skip the tea jelly I’d say. It’s almost like konnyaku jelly, very different from the coffee jelly.

I went back on a separate trip and had the blueberry cheesecake. That was good too.


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