Bye bye again

So, I tendered my resignation yesterday. I was quite glad to do so. Now I have no hard feelings against my manager and my boss, but I have to be honest, they played a teeny part in my decision to leave.

Most part was because I found myself doing more and more sales duties (when I have explicitly mentioned that I only want to be involved in marketing, no sales at all, during my interview). Some part because I cannot get used to the Hong Kong/Chinese company culture where people have the mentality “I’m your boss, just do what I say”. A little part because I still want to maintain my friendship with my manager (my boss just decided one day that I shall report to my manager, who is my friend from a previous company). We do not see eye to eye regarding work (she’s one who does things without processes as long as things get done, whereas I’m a stickler for doing things according to logic and procedure), and I rather I have my friendship than my job. 

So yeah, I’m moving on to another company in September, to a company whose HQ is in Germany (man, I love those Germans and their straightforwardness). Hopefully, this is my last company and hopefully, I’ll be talking to my friend again soon. Hopefully.



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