Revisiting my resolutions

I know I’m late to the party. VERY LATE. It’s now Aug 2013, and I’m revisiting my 2011 resolutions?! LOL… but I decided to tidy up my blog and tags and therefore, the tag “2011 resolutions” need to go.

  1. First one, sleep early. I think I’ve been quite successful in that aspect because my body clock is now tuned to early nights and early mornings… I usually go to bed around 11pm on weekdays and maybe 1130pm to 12midnight on weekends… but then I also wake up super early on weekends, like 8am?! I think I’m crazy too, to wake up that early… and my energy levels are usually down by 2pm, so I need to take a nap to recharge.
  2. Meet up with Beatrice at least 4x a year… think we failed terribly on that in 2011, but we made up for it in 2012/2013. Lots of nomming trips! It’s a mixed bag of emotions with her moving back to KL… but maybe she can be my “importer”! 😀
  3. Lose fat… I’ve lost weight due to the jaw surgery last year end, but I don’t think I’ve lost much FAT. Trying to maintain my weight now by not gorging myself silly… the boy also helps control me by reminding me that I’ve got too much to eat. I think what I need now is to tone up since my hips and thighs tend to get big easily, and I’m always sitting down at work.
  4. Skin-wise… I haven’t went for a facial in months due to the surgery, and then when I wanted to, the salon at Thomson is always fully packed. I haven’t been to my regular salon in Clementi because I’m down to my last session, and they have been trying to get me to sign on another package. *avoid like the plague* BUT, even though I have not been going for facials, I have been on Yasmin which helps control the hormones and oil glands and so less pimples. I also started on collagen supplements!

So what are my 2013 resolutions, you ask? I don’t really have a habit of making resolutions actually, but I think the above (except point 2) should still be in the list with a couple more additions.

  1. Spend less. It’s hard to earn more, but I can definitely control my spending. Mr Goh and I actually made a pact to each save up $1000/month but I just redid my calculations, that huge amount is kinda unattainable for me. At least, not at the moment as I’ve got a number of installments to repay. So we will now each save $500/month instead. Of course, if we end up with extra spare cash at month end, that goes to savings too!
    images (1)
  2. Trust him more, and make wonderful memories together. I’m ashamed to say that this girlfriend here is not your typical girlfriend. I tend to forget “important dates” and can get a little paranoid and insecure. But he’s been wonderful and I don’t want to mess this up. ❤
  3. More tolerant of everything.

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