The long weekend

Hi hi people! How was your long weekend? For those folks residing out of Singapore, we had a long weekend this past week, starting from 8 Aug to 11 Aug, 8 Aug being Hari Raya Puasa, 9 Aug being Singapore National Day, and then 10-11 Aug the usual weekend. Shiok! I think my weekend was filled with (tons of) food and love!

16 Aug is Mummy Goh’s birthday but we will be out of Singapore that weekend, so we celebrated it earlier with a crab buffet treat to the Gohs, at Plaza Brasserie. It costs us $406 for 7 pax, after a 15% Citibank card discount, but the boys were very happy men. Sister Goh didn’t eat a lot nor did she try a large variety of food except for the desserts, so no more bringing her out to buffet meals in future! I didn’t eat a lot as well, but I did gorge on fresh salmon sashimi, cold prawns, drunken prawns and some Camembert cheese. Among the different varieties of crabs, I think my favourite were the Steamed crabs with dang gui and Salted Egg crabs. Yes… cholesterol levels are going to be scary high after that meal, so Mr Goh and I went for a run the next day. Yes I ran! For 2 rounds only though… LOL… better than nothing right?

Also tried the 大姐酿豆腐 at Bukit Gombak… it was actually quite nice! I think we had 7 pieces of yong tau foo + noodles in laksa gravy, a plate of chicken rice and a canned drink, for $9.90. Quite reasonable!

And then Mr Goh’s friend from Germany visited (said German friend is also dating Mr Goh’s secondary school friend), so we all had steamboat at Teacher Lee’s place. Teacher Lee’s house is the default steamboat gathering location, while Mr Goh’s place is the default BBQ gathering location. A big group of 11 with quite a number of jokers meant that it was a time filled with laughter and round bellies. Teacher Lee + GF always prepare a spread of food for us… cheese-stuffed meatballs, fish dumplings, fresh prawns, cocktail sausages, shabu shabu pork belly, potato meatball, CP wantons (their favourite), mushrooms, vegetables etc.

With this amount of food consumed over 4 days, I definitely need to go run more than 2 rounds now! Or otherwise, I wouldn’t fit into the new dress for Bee’s wedding!


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