Interesting personality test

I was watching this variety show when they had some fun personality tests where the guests had to draw pictures. Try it!

Draw a picture of a house.



Done drawing your house? Highlight below to see what it means.

*A house tells how a person thinks about family

*Windows indicate a passage to see the world and vice versa. No windows might indicate that the person is socially awkard

*If there is smoke coming out from a chimney, it indicates the strong desire to be loved.

Next, try drawing a tree.



Ok, highlight below to see the results.

* The tree tells what you think of yourself, self-esteem

* If you drew growth rings (ie, branch stumps), it indicates growing up pains. 

* If fruits are being drawn on the tree, it indicates the desire to be loved.

Lastly, draw yourself and another person of the opposite gender.



Let’s see!

* Size of the head represents anxiety regarding the person’s intelligence

* Adding accessories to the drawn person represents the desire to look prettier and nicer.


So, is it accurate for you?


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