No work makes me a busy bee

I thought I’d be able to relax and enjoy my 2 weeks off work, but somehow I managed to schedule in so many appointments and errands that I’m busier than when I was working! Having said that, I could get used to it though… not working that is. Unfortunately, I’m unable to enjoy life as a tai tai. 😦

So let’s see what have I achieved in this 1 week so far…

  • I baked up 2 batches of choc chip cookies (and exhausted the overflowing supply of butter, chocolate and flour in the pantry),
    2013-08-21 11.31.36
  • cooked mang kwang for my dearest daddy (and sorta injured my right hand doing so, coz cutting mang kwang is hard work)
  • made a trip north of the border to Kukup with Mr Goh and friends
  • almost completed my slimming package (2 more sessions to go – 1 before Bali, 1 before Bee’s wedding)
  • something exciting happening at the end of the month and I CANNOT WAIT!!! Not telling what it is now, but there’s definitely going to be a blog post on it!!

What else is going to happen this week? Hopefully, I can complete the travelogue for Alaska & Korea, Kukup, and some beauty review blogposts. I need to follow my To-Do list!!


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