Catching up on trips and experiences.

Soon I promise! The last week of August was just busy, busy, busy for me as I prepared for Mr Goh’s birthday trip to Bali, and then I started my new job immediately after returning to Singapore, AND THEN I’m flying off to Kuala Lumpur this Saturday for #kbbw! Phew!

I would like to take time to sit down and organize my thoughts, but while that process usually takes place in office in my previous life, the new job has been busy so far, and my desk position is less than ideal as my computer screen faces the door directly and I wouldn’t want anyone to see me blogging during office hours. And then I don’t usually have usage of my computer since my dad’s always using mine. But I’ll try! Perhaps during lunch or something… in the meantime, you can catch up with me over Instagram or Twitter! Or even Whatsapp and email if you know me personally!


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