How was your Hari Raya Haji?

Food is really my kryptonite… I love food but yet I don’t have a high metabolic rate, so I really must watch what I eat. And after feasting the whole day yesterday, I forced myself to run today. It’s so annoying, isn’t it? *sad life*

We had a public holiday in Singapore yesterday and so I requested Mr Goh to plan the day’s activities. I’d say he did well for a start. He planned the day really well, with minimal travelling around the island since we do not own a car.

Lunch was at Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles, my all time favourite bak chor mee.

The one and only Tai Hwa Pork Noodle

The one and only Tai Hwa Pork Noodle

I was surprised that he planned lunch here because he hates the horrendous queue time – always easily 60-90 mins at peak times. Whenever we’re eating here, I always wished I have a bigger appetite since it seemed quite silly to only have a bowl of noodles after queuing for so long. But alas, a bowl of noodles is all I could stomach.

His mee pok dry

His mee pok dry

My mee kia dry, with extra lashings of chilli & vinegar

My mee kia dry, with extra lashings of chilli & vinegar

We caught Gravity after lunch, at Bugis Junction. The movie was not bad, plot developed rather quickly, but it didn’t have that much of a storyline though. And I was a little upset that George Clooney only had approx. 5 mins screen time. In retrospect, I think the casting director had an easy job for this movie since there were only max 4 people appearing in the movie, including Sandra Bullock & Sexy Clooney. HAHA.

How is it like to be wandering in space?

How is it like to be wandering in space?

Oh, and the cinemas at Bugis Junction are overdued for renovation IMO. The seats are the old school foldable type, arm rests are fixed and the particular screening hall that we were in is super huge but the rows are not sloped/angled. Luckily there wasn’t anyone sitting in front of me, or I wouldn’t be able to view the bottom part of the screen. I think I’m still a big fan of Shaw West Mall. Plus I managed to score a HSBC-GV movie card that allows me to purchase 10 movie tickets at $75, regardless of midnight movies, weekend movies etc.

Recently, I found myself on a mission to change the way Mr Goh dressed, so last Sunday I made him buy a pair of Giordano shorts that end around the knees (so chic now) and then yesterday I bought him a pair of Uniqlo slim fit straight cut jeans. Oh, my man is looking more gorgeous now. =P So jealous of his toned thighs!!

At $34.90, I think it's a steal!

At $34.90, I think it’s a steal!

Dinner was at Fika, a Halal Swedish café at the junction of Beach Road and Arab St. The café had a really nice, cosy and relaxed ambience. Very homey. Appetizers were a warm rosehip soup for him (he got attracted by the “keep the flu bug away” claim since he’s nursing a flu at the moment) and a cold blueberry soup for me.

Unique soups

Unique soups

For mains, we ordered the Pannbitt and Pytt i Panna which featured pretty similar ingredients but different in tastes. Funny that Mr Goh preferred my Pytt i Panna, while I enjoyed his Pannbitt more.

Description of our mains

Description of our mains

However, I did find the food a little on the pricey side, averaging $20 for mains (before taxes). To be fair, the portions were huge. A couple of tables, including mine, couldn’t finish the mains and had tons leftover when the customers left. I did feel that drinks are expensive, I mean $7.20 for a pot of tea? Granted it’s Gryphon tea, but still! C’mon… and those “specially imported from Sweden” sodas are definitely not worth it IMHO.

"specially imported from Sweden" soda

“specially imported from Sweden” soda

The bill came up to $75 (2 mains, 2 soups, 1 “specially imported from Sweden” soda and 1 warm water, with taxes), which I thought was kinda expensive for a casual meal. I’m waiting for the chefs to perfect the Flying Jacob recipe and we’ll return for a second visit. The next time though, we will order just one main and one appetizer to share since portions are huge here.


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