Bee is now Mrs Boey!

Week old Mrs Boey (at time of photo was taken)

Week old Mrs Boey (at time of photo was taken)

Bee got married in early September and so Mr Goh and I flew up to KL to attend her wedding. Unfortunately, that meant we had to miss the church wedding since our flight was only at 1pm. After taking a long train ride to the airport, and then waiting for another 2 hours, our delayed flight finally took off and we landed at Subang around 3pm. The hotel was near the airport, and didn’t cost us more than RM25 (tip: purchase your taxi voucher from the airport counter to prevent getting ripped off).

With the exchange rate in our favor now, I opted to pay for the room in cash, as opposed to paying via credit card. I think it worked out to be around S$120 a night. Not bad for a room this big, eh?

I especially liked the iron (coz my dress creased in the backpack) and the rain shower feature in the bathroom. The bathroom also had a shower blind since it looks out to the bedroom.

Oh look!

Oh look!

I had a blast at the wedding, being seated with the (no longer) blogging girls. It was great to finally meet those whose blogs I’ve been silently reading all those years, and also see Rinnah & Dom again. But poor Mr Goh, because he was the only male seated amongst us. I think we may have scarred him for life… hahaha.


Our ride home was First Coach, with the pickup point, Subang Parade, only a 10min walk away from the hotel. While waiting, we managed to have breakfast at the basement foodcourt and also bought some Krispy Kremes home. With most things cheaper in Malaysia, a dozen of original glazed KK was only RM19 I think. The coach was very comfortable, more than sufficient legroom and personal entertainment units. I left Mr Goh to watch movies on his own while I napped the time away.

Comfy ride home, and it was only S$26 (for a one way ticket)

Comfy ride home, and it was only S$26 (for a one way ticket)

Sad that we didn’t have enough time to eat KL hokkien mee or the claypot loh shee fun… now blatantly asking Mr Goh to bring me to KL again for my birthday trip! 😛


One thought on “Bee is now Mrs Boey!

  1. LOL at the (no longer) blogging girls tag! And hey, we were relatively easy going that night…if Mr Goh had been at one of our famous gatherings…he would have fled the room! 😛


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