Food Review: Galbiati Gourmet

Galbiati Gourmet is one of my favourite Italian restaurants, alongside Pasta Fresca. But Italian food isn’t exactly the most affordable cuisines around, well at least not on a regular/daily basis, thus I only visit GG or PF on special occasions.

I think I had my craving unsatisfied for more than a few months now, so I jumped at the chance to visit GG last Saturday. It will be one of the rare indulgent meals Mr Goh and I will have for a few years now.

Galbiati serves up complementary homemade bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar after you have placed your order, and while it is a nice touch, it would be better if the bread was warmed. Cold bread (not even room temperature) just shows the gap in service. I’m sure I’m not the first to complain about this, so I really have no idea why Galbiati is choosing to serve cold bread when the rest of the dishes are stellar.

Penne al Salmone

Penne al Salmone $18.20

The pasta with salmon and asparagus in cream sauce. I think it’s a misnomer. They should just call it pasta with salmon in cream sauce. The asparagus they gave was probably only 1 asparagus, cut into 3 pieces. Not worth a mention. However, the cream sauce was good and light, not cloying at all.

Polpa di Granchio($22.20)

Polpa di Granchio($22.20)

I lurveee this pasta dish from GG. Squid ink is probably one of my favourite pasta sauces, but it makes a mess and isn’t the sexiest dish to consume while on a date. So I usually go for squid ink pasta if available. The tomato cream sauce is rich and creamy, and very flavourful with the huge amounts of garlic and herbs. Crab meat is from the shell, not surimi! A++

Both dishes had the pasta cooked al dente, with just a slight bite. Very nice. I also did a tiramisu takeaway, but I think Pasta Fresca still does the best tiramisu, in my opinion. The bill came up to just slightly over $50 for the 2 of us, which is ok for Italian food (just not for me since I’m budgeting now).

Service was also kinda lacking. The head server (I assume) asked us to hold on while he checks for a table for us, and then subsequently left us standing in the middle of the hall, waiting for him, while he goes off to serve other tables. HUH? The wait staff certainly don’t make you feel welcome, no smiles, no “thank you”s after you’ve paid your bill, no “see you again”s as you walk out the door. It really is a shame, since I see the chef making an effort to appear in the dining hall and talking to customers.


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