Food Review: Mad for Garlic

When it comes to cooking, what are the pantry staples for you? For me, it’s garlic, onions and salt. I never knew how much I enjoy eating garlic until I started cooking in Australia. Funny to think that I used to shy away from it when I was younger.

Mad for Garlic is an Italian restaurant originated in Korea that serves garlic-specialized dishes such as pizzas, pastas, rice and steak dishes. Mr Goh had a 1-for-1 dining voucher for MfG so we made a date to go try their food last Sunday. I’ve actually dined at MfG before, but it was about 5-6 years ago and to be honest, I couldn’t remember what we had!

The dark, cool exterior

The dark, cool exterior

This time, our voucher entitled us to have a 1-for-1 deal on pasta and pizza, so we decided on a dish each. I decided to try the Garlic Snowing Pizza as it was always raved, while he decided to get the Lobster Cream Pasta which sounded very indulgent.

The pizza came on a thin base with a sweet garlic cream spread on it, some prawns and pineapple cubes and fried garlic slices. The “snowing” portion actually comes from the cheese, where the wait staff would grate at your table. I enjoyed the pizza very much since the garlic flavor was mellowed.

Garlic snowing pizza $23.50

Garlic snowing pizza $22.50

On the other hand, I didn’t like the lobster cream pasta at all. I thought the sauce was bland like it needed more salt and aromatics. The garlic flavor wasn’t pronounced. What I would have preferred is to have perhaps some fried minced garlic or slices in the sauce. The lobster flesh was bland as well, obviously blanched separately then just put into the sauce to heat through. The tobiko, however, provided a nice crunch to every bite and helped break through the monotomy of the pasta.

Lobster cream pasta $22.50

Lobster cream pasta $23.50

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