Food Review: Tonkichi

It took me a while to decide how to start this review. Was thinking if I should create a fancy storyline or something like that. Then I decided I shall blog as it is. Last night’s dinner happened because I purchased 2 online deal vouchers for Tonkichi and they were expiring in 2 weeks. Haha, how uninspiring right?



Tonkichi has always been a favourite of mine, my go-to place when I crave tonkatsu. I’ve heard good things about Tampopo and Saboten but I haven’t tried those places yet, so Tonkichi has no contest now. I usually go for the hire (pork fillet) or seafood set because I’m not really a big fan of tough meat now. The hire uses super tender pork fillets and doesn’t require much chewing. If you can, try to go for hire (the rosu katsu which is pork loin is just way too tough). Seafood is good, featuring the same crunchy batter, and fresh. My favourite would be the crab croquette. I just love it when the cream oozes out as you bite into it (but be careful not to burn your tongue!) Rice and shredded cabbage are free flow, so for those on a low carb diet, you can have as much salad as you like!

It is the first time I’m having the chawanmushi and was surprised to find a whole prawn and 2 pieces of chicken in there! However, the texture of the egg custard could be a tad silkier and the bubbles on the surface didn’t look very pretty as well.



The service levels are outstanding: very efficient and warm service at all levels. One of the lady managers was spectacular, apologizing to customers for the “long wait” when it was only a minute or two. It makes people feel very welcomed and respected. Tea is served and refilled automatically without the need to request for service.

My meal (sans rice and miso soup)

My meal (sans rice and miso soup)

For this particular voucher I purchased, it was $15 nett for a piece of rosu katsu and 2 hire katsu, rice, cabbage, miso soup, chawanmushi and fruits. A very good deal in my opinion since it usually sells for $30 (before taxes).  I couldn’t manage to complete my meal (skipped the rosu and just ate the hire) and even Mr Goh was left full to the max after he finished his meal. Referring back to the website where I got my deal voucher, I just realized that the restaurant didn’t give me my $10 return voucher!

I’m actually contemplating whether to get their membership card or not…. it costs $20 for a year, but you get $20 worth of vouchers, 10% discount on normal days, 20% discount on birthday months. Plus Tonkichi has special promotions for members too. For example, 25% discount for members who dine during Tonkatsu Wednesdays! Hmmm…


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