My dream proposal

If you could see me now, you would see that my face is red, not because I just ran 10km but rather I can’t believe I’m penning this down. I’m such a sucker for planning details and a control freak, I just cannot leave most things to fate. It would kill me to not plan special occasions! Anyway, the reason why I’m having this entry is because I sorta envisioned a proposal scene and just wanted to record it down. Y’know, just in case. HAHA. Well, I even went engagement ring look-see with Joyce the other day, just to see if I suit my ‘dream ring’ and see what kind of ring design suits me. My ‘dream ring’ totally sucked on me. Anyway, that’s another story for another day.

Day: It cannot be just any other day since we both are always dressed in Ts, shorts and slippers. Won’t want the photos to look like we’re going to the supermarket right??? A special date for us would mean that we would have plans to go somewhere and dress up more than usual. And also because I’m quite bad with remembering special dates, please make it easy for me. HAHAHA

Place: anywhere not so crowded please. Like, in the middle of Jurong Point would be a no-no.

Who: Would be nice to have my F&F and his F&F present…

What: Something romantic, out of the blue. I had this scene in my mind: I’ll be waiting for him to arrive at the dinner place and he is, as usual, running late after work. Then suddenly I look out the window, there he is with a message on a card. Now obviously, the dinner place would have to be on the ground floor la… my Superman is not Clark Kent. Then he cues me to look at another person with another message on a card (who is one of his friends). The message continues onto the next person and it goes round in a circle of F&F before he ends it with the question (and ring in hand, of course!). Then we end it all with a good dinner. *Food is still key to me. HAHAHAHA*

Why: Close friends and family are always a key part to my life. Since I warm up to people so slowly, I don’t really have a lot of close friends. (I guess, two hands would be more than sufficient.) So ideally, I’d want my F&F to be around to witness my special event, and be part of it! Also, because I know he’s more of a ‘acts of service’ than ‘words of affirmation’ guy, but I’m a huge ‘words’ girl, so it would mean lots to me to just hear him or see him type the words.

Got this off PinInterest

Got this off Pinterest

Wah! Super shy now!!


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