Things to buy in Korea

These are my personal recommendations

Skin Food egg white pore pack (for forehead, nose and jaw). These are DA BOMB if you frequently have blackhead problems. Don’t bother trying Biore or other brands for they don’t work as well as Skin Food. And don’t get the wrong ones – they also have an egg white cool down pack for nose, which I think does nada.

Innisfree Jeju volcanic clay mask is exceptionally good for oily skins. It spreads easily (chuck yours when it’s dry as clay – it has dried out and won’t do its intended job anymore), doesn’t dry up tight on your skin, and works to reduce oil and pimples. It is also very cheap, about US$10 for a jar that can last you 6 months.

Laneige water sleeping pack. The HG of all sleeping packs. If you haven’t used this before, make a beeline to your nearest Laneige counter to get a sample and be wowed. I love using it when my skin is parched but yet I’m too lazy to use a moisturizer. My skin definitely looks better, more refreshed, brighter and bouncier, when I use this regularly. And it’s super cheap in Korea… maybe US$20 per jar?


Of course, you should also take the opportunity to check out Etude House, The Face Shop while you’re in the area!

Then of course, Korean food is also famous… starting with Shin Ramyun. I’m guilty of purchasing an entire box of instant noodles and checking it in together with my other luggage. We do get Shin here in Singapore as well, but the ones sold here are manufactured in China, and somehow do not taste as good as those made in Korea. It’s not a psychological mindset, but I only found out about the different manufacturing locations after I thought my noodles didn’t taste as good as the one I had in Korea.

Koreans love their banana milks, the most popular brand being Binggrae.

Kimchi. It stinks when you’re not eating it, but it has this addictive characteristic when you start eating it. And I specially love it when it’s cooked in fried rice, or stews. Chongga is the most exported brand I think. It comes in various pack sizes, including a handy small packet which you can finish in 2 meals, or 1 meal if you’re a huge kimchi lover.


I came across this walnut cake while shopping in Insadong and was lured in by the fresh cakes. They look like walnuts in their shells, but are actually cakes filled with red bean paste. They are all freshly made and contain no preservatives, so be sure to quickly consume them.

Soju and makkeoli, for the alcohol lovers.


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