Preps are underway

I apologize if I’ve shocked any of my friends with my previous entry. It’s a huge life-changing decision and while we’ve agreed to take the step forward, we just couldn’t agree on WHEN. I know, it sounds ridiculously silly. But in any case, I felt so much better after venting out to my dearest friends and mom who happened to be back in Singapore over the NY. We both had some cool-off time out to think things through, and fortunately, it was the same decision that we agreed upon.

So, we’ll be starting with site viewings this weekend (6, to be precise!), and probably more over the course of next week. It’s a rush to have that many site viewings but Mr Goh’s going to Korea next weekend till just before CNY, so hopefully we’ll be able to find something we both like and can afford before he travels. The date will be fixed by this weekend as well – that’s another topic that nearly got both of us in trouble. Let’s just say we are not traditionalists.

Since mom is coming back for CNY, I wish we could ‘present our findings’ to both sets of parents then, and also get their blessings.

I’m hoping to do our invites & wedding favors ourselves since we like a white or ivory & blue theme, inspired by Santorini. Most of the themes provided by hotels would be red or ivory. 


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