Happy New Year! Can I horse around now? :P

Image credits: http://poetrysync.blogspot.sg/

Hmm… I hardly do Chinese New Year posts but one of my 2014 resolutions is that I should blog weekly. Ha Ha Ha. Everytime around this period, I’d have a revelation that my parents are hoarders. Take a look at my study which they used to store stuff that used to be on the dining table.
2014-01-31 22.45.45

I think as I grow older, less relatives would come by. Those who still visit us, come with their parents (same generation as my grandma) so they can’t escape. My cousin who just got married in Perth last November came to visit with his new wife. Another cousin came with his aunties and grandma, and brought his 2 dogs! Super cute. The dogs, I meant.
2014-01-31 16.18.57 2014-01-31 16.39.14

I’m not really an extrovert so I tend to hide in the room when the crowd gets bigger. At its peak, there could be almost 20 people out in the living room, and they come in batches. Somehow over the years, the relatives have worked out their own schedules. LOL. The only things I enjoy about CNY is the red date tea Mum makes on the first day, and the “choy geok” that we cook up after CNY eve dinner and continue eating it for 3 days thereafter. Er… seems like it’s only about the food hor? I think I should try to enjoy CNY more… after all, I’m getting older and I can’t receive ang baos for much longer! 😛

Happy new year, peeps! Wishing you wealth and health!



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