Week 6: The diet will start next week. I promise.

Last week, I had a rude awakening when my jeans felt unusually snug around my bum and thighs. I hadn’t been eating more than usual, but I have not exercised much since November. My excuse was that December was my birthday month, so give me a break. A break = one month. Oops.

So last weekend, I bought myself a set of exercise resistance bands. I’m not sure if you feel the same as me, but I often need to spend some money in order to get things moving. Like you know, I’d splurge on a facial package to start taking care of my skin, or a hair treatment package to reverse the harsh effects of the perms and dyes, or like in this case, spending money on exercise equipment so that I’ll feel the pinch and the need to fully utilise what I’ve bought.

Though we’ve gone back to work this week, technically, we are still celebrating the CNY since there’s 15 days of CNY. The company had a tradition of engaging the lion dance troupe to visit the offices. Before the lions arrived, we had some of our own colleagues dressed up in the 财神爷 cartoon outfits and entertained us by dancing along to CNY tunes and giving out gold coin chocolates.

IMG_3763 IMG_3765 IMG_3768


I did try to cut down on the amount of food I ate, but it just ended up with me being super hungry at 6pm. So yesterday I had a date with Mr Goh and we tried this new French-Japanese restaurant, Miam Miam, at Westgate. Prices were reasonable, around the range of $14-$18 for mains. But I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of them charging $2++ for a carafe of water which is non-refillable by the way. Just in case you’re clueless like me, this is a carafe of water. And Miam Miam is charging $2 for it. I must repeat, it is non-refillable as well.



Food quality wise, I think the taste is acceptable, just ok-ok only. It definitely didn’t make me go “wow, I must come back again!” The boy ordered Modern Yaki, which was a twist on okonomiyaki I believe. The ingredients for this dish included small pieces of mushrooms, cabbage, an omelette, seaweed and bonito flakes.


I had ordered a bolognese, because it being a classic dish, you couldn’t really go wrong with it right? Right? This bolognese was meatless. Strange, because it wasn’t mentioned on the menu. What I thought resembled meat in the dish turned out to be either mushrooms or eggplant. I couldn’t really tell. It didn’t taste bad without the meat, but I’d prefer to be told upfront. I was craving meat.


The only saving grace of the meal was the splendid french toast. Done perfectly, each cube was crisp and sweet with the maple syrup. It came with a blob of whipped cream as well, to add on to the indulgence.


That ain’t all of the feasting I’ve done (and am going to do)… this weekend, we’ve got a steamboat lunch at one of his friends’ house, and during the same evening, we have my company’s D&D to attend as well. I guess, the only form of exercise I’ll get this week is jaw exercise!


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