Food Review: Habitat Coffee

After using Mr Goh’s life savings as a deposit for the flat, we decided it was a rare opportunity for us to have brunch together on a weekday, and promptly decided to head to Upper Thomson for Habitat Coffee. We reached just when they were opening and were one of the first customers of the day. Nothing feels better than warm service!

Love the mismatched lettering!

Love the mismatched lettering!

We were both starving and didn’t take long to decide what we wanted. The Shrooms ($12) for me, Big Ben ($14) for him. The brioche bread caught my eye and it was easily decided. But I thought the shitake mushrooms were a little too strong tasting and it might have been better if the mushrooms were placed on the side, not plated upon the toast (the mushroom juices made the bread soggy FAST) – perhaps Swiss browns would work better. 


As for the Big Ben, the mini potato pancakes were crispy, but had an oyster taste. A little strange for Mr Goh’s tastebuds. The chicken cheese sausage was quite good but then again, I love sausages. Both servings were huge and value for money though!


I had to have my morning coffee, so I ordered a large flat white to share. The coffee was creamy and smooth. Well worth the $5.90. (post-edit: but not so well worth my eye rash – I’m allergic to dairy)


Insert: the ice-cream waffle below isn’t from Habitat, but since we’re on the topic of food, I shall just post it together. 😛 Very rich and smooth chocolate ice cream with cookie bits (Kookie Monster) with freshly baked waffles from The Daily Scoop at Sunset Way. And what makes this dessert even more yummilicious is the fact that Mr Goh brought me out for dessert when he knew I was feeling all sorts of PMS-y. Much love!

2014-02-16 20.41.49

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