My SK-II journey – Update 28 Mar

I decided to start on getting my skin to be as perfect as money and time allow, for my photoshoot in April. With so many brands in the market, all claiming to work wonders, I decided to turn to SK-II. After all, who doesn’t want to have “crystal clear” skin? Not knowing if the products will suit my skin, I purchased a sample set (consisting of the cleanser, clear lotion & treatment essence) from Qoo10, together with their wonderful facial masks!

Here, I’m trialing the SK-II basic set exclusively, with a treatment mask once a week. Pictures are taken at the same place with same lighting – in the bathroom, after my shower, around 8-9pm (so the lighting conditions are kept similar). Picture heavy post!!

IMG_3936 IMG_3937 IMG_3996 IMG_4059 2014-03-15 10.00.26 IMG_4326 IMG_4359

Day 0 (13 Feb ’14): I will be posting weekly progress pictures!

IMG_3936 Comment from week 0: I was horrified to see my dark eye circles, my dark forehead (dark clouds looming ahead? HAHA), acne scars on cheeks and jaw.

IMG_3937 Comment from week 1: Mad love for the Clear Lotion. Everyone sings praises for the treatment essence and so the clear lotion goes unnoticed. But IMHO, it’s a gem! It has the function of a toner, but it works so much better than many toners out there. Even after removing my makeup and using the SK-II cleanser, I can still see the dirt/dead skin cells that the CL is removing for me! Makes my skin softer and clearer and also lightens the acne scars.

IMG_3996 Comments from week 2: still continuing the love for CL. After 2 weeks of consistent usage, I no longer see yellowish dirt on the cotton pad. So I did a test. I didn’t use it on my neck for about 3 days, and after 3 days when I swiped the cotton pad on my neck, tadah! Dead skin cells be gone! Despite me not using the Bliv blackhead gel for 2 weeks, the amount of blackheads on my pore strip is still negligible.

IMG_4059 Comments from week 3: the tester size for the cleanser finished today! Luckily, the Qoo10 seller is fast in sending out my 2nd order and my supplies have arrived yesterday. Skin-wise, though I’m technically supposed to have my PMS symptoms this week, I have one pimple/bump at the side of my right temple. I’ve also started using the balance of the essence from the mask as a daily moisturizer. Can you believe that the balance of the essence can last me for a week, used once a day?! That’s a LOT of essence there.

2014-03-15 10.00.26 Comments from week 4: I went for a facial last weekend, and I realised that I had a lot of blackheads. Perhaps the Clear Lotion isn’t working as well as I thought, so I’m putting back the Bliv blackhead gel back into the regime. This week I’m also experiencing PMS symptons, thus the angry red bump at my right temple (left in the picture). But other than that, I didn’t get any other pimples as opposed to a normal PMS period.

IMG_4326 Comment from week 5: Started using Bliv blackhead gel again since the last update and subsequently went for another facial. Significantly less blackheads now, so obvious sign that the blackhead gel is working. Pimples (if any) are less angry as compared to pimples of yesteryear – no big, red, inflamed ones. Skin is less oily in the morning, but will definitely need to amp up the hydration still.

IMG_4359 Comment from week 6: Finally used up the 30ml bottle of clear lotion. FTE is almost all done too. Nothing much to update now… so next update in a month’s time! 🙂


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