Food Review: Koh Sushi revisited

I met up with the boy in town last night for dinner and some quick shopping since he was at YCK and me at Boat Quay. I wasn’t in the best of moods as I’m getting a little antsy that my personal to-do list and work to-do list were getting longer. Means I’m not efficient. Me don’t like. So the boy suggested dinner at Koh Sushi. Oh yes please! He started queuing up before I arrived so I didn’t have to wait long. ❤

IMG_4337  We have tried the Tokyo Ramen on a previous visit and didn’t think much of it. So we avoided it this time and chose the seafood fried rice, $10. I wouldn’t say this was the best fried rice I’ve tasted, but it was ok. Just a tad too salty and the rice was a little damp.

IMG_4339 The grilled eggplant with sweet miso, $5, was disappointing this round. Couldn’t taste much of the sweet miso, except that it was extremely salty. Unpalatable. I left half of it untouched despite my best efforts to finish it.

IMG_4338 We ordered half of Gen 1, and half of Gen 2 ($9 per half, $16.80 for full serving). Gen 1 has got avocado and unagi with aburi salmon whereas Gen 2 features ebi fry as the filling. I still prefer Gen 1 as I love avocado and I thought the fried prawn in Gen 2 was a little soggy already. And I savoured every tobiko roe in that picture.

IMG_4341 The boy loves fish, so he immediately agreed when I suggested to order the grilled cod with mentai. No brainer why this was a popular dish – the cod was grilled perfectly, flaking easily. Sweet fresh cod flesh with salty mentai. Have I mentioned that I love mentai? LOL!

Previous visit review here

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