Photoshoot gown & suit selection

Foreword: I’m a kiasu bride. “Is that even a foreword?? I thought everyone already knew by now!” Anyway, me being me, I arranged for gown selection way back in February, fitting in March, photoshoot in April. It may sound early to many, but we have a huge surprise coming up later half of the year, so I’d like to get this out of the way ASAP. Kiasu brides don’t deal well with stress. I had ‘activated’ my maid Matron of honour to come help me choose and give suggestions. After all, she’s “been there, done that”. I was surprised that in a span of only 2 hours, we managed to select 4 gowns already. 2 white, 1 evening and 1 short dress for outdoor shoot. It was fun as well. I went there without any expectations, without knowing what cutting/style I want for my dresses. Basically what I did was rock up to the shop and tell them “bring me one dress of each cutting”.

After trying like 6-8 different white gowns, I finally selected my 2 choices. Some of the choices brought to me were “bleah” in my opinion as I’m not a fan of flowers and quilted designs. Haha. I decided to go with a sweetheart neckline dress with some bling around the neckline and another one which has much more detailing on the skirt and train (didn’t want 2 similar dresses!)

2014-03-31 19.38.17 2014-03-31 19.48.08 2014-03-31 19.48.16

The evening gown selection was much faster, having already learnt what kind of design would be suitable for me (strapless tops, since the toga style made me look Indonesian tai-tai-ish). I was also able to choose something more colourful, so naturally I was drawn to shades of blue. Did you know that it is the colour blue that is actually associated with purity, piety, faithfulness, not white as most of us thought! I also selected a short dress for our outdoor shoot as I think it would be more manageable than an evening gown when I’m outside. I can’t even walk properly in the studio already! Again, the same sweetheart neckline appealed to me.

2014-04-02 19.34.05 2014-04-04 10.25.44 2014-03-31 19.41.21

After I was done, it was time for my groom to choose his suits. The man has it easy – he merely had to choose 3 jackets – a black, a white and a grey (or any other colour). He is somewhat traditional when it comes to men clothing, so a simple black jacket with satin trimming on the lapels, a white jacket with black trimmed lapels and pocket details, and lastly a grey jacket with black trims. Pants are of standard cutting so they just took his measurements and he was done in maybe 15-20 minutes!

2014-03-31 19.08.44 2014-03-31 19.13.49 2014-03-31 19.19.58

But he had to bring his own white shirt for the photoshoot and that was a mini nightmare because you see, my man doesn’t have a proper shirt for formal occasions. And he’s considered skinny so most of the regular cuts and even slim fit shirts available on the racks don’t fit him nicely. After searching for almost 2-3 weeks, we finally decided that he must get a shirt custom made. Sought out some recommendations, and went along with his friend’s suggestion to go Marcella, a local brand that has sprung across the island like mushrooms. We selected a fabric from the basic selection, so it was only S$69. Read on if you want to know the shirt customization process by Marcella. The customization process is fun if you like details, but otherwise it can be a torture, as it was for Mr Goh and me. He was first asked to select the base material, then he was asked if he would like to have a different trim for additional $10 (flat fee). The trim can be at the collar (inner, outer and/or wing), cuffs (inner and/or outer) and the placket. That’s a total of 6 different areas for the man to consider! OMG. I was going crazy at this stage. trim

After the man decided “yes I want to have trims”, he was asked to select his trim material. *another 3 minutes went by* When he had selected his material, I thought ok, this is going to breeze through into measurements now. I couldn’t be more wrong. Now he’s being asked to select which type of collar he wants for the shirt. Luckily, they had samples of the different collar types on display and it was easier to choose when there’s a physical sample to try on.


Ok, collar now selected. “How about your cuff design, sir?” Once again, there were samples available.


Just bear with me here, because we are not done YET! You still need to choose your button type AND button hole. Choosing the buttons was a breeze because we know we didn’t want coloured buttons (after all, the shirt was for the photoshoot and we didn’t want to go OTT) – only white buttons will do. Button holes refer to the stitching around the button hole – whether it’s coloured or white.


PHEW! With (most of) the aesthetics out of the way, the friendly shop assistant finally got to taking measurements. After that, he will also ask if you want the back of the shirt to be darted or plain (suggestion: go for darted to make you look slimmer and modern design). Pay the money and you can expect to receive your shirt in about 2 weeks time! YAY!


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