Taking outdoor photos – where should we go?

Our wedding package includes a pre-wedding photoshoot which allows us to take photos at their studio (with over 10 different settings – it’s amazing how many settings they can squeeze in that small space) and also up to 3 different outdoor locations. We brainstormed a little before we met up with the photographer, to decide which areas we wanted.

My first choice was Yio Chu Kang MRT station because that was where we both met up regularly even before we started dating. Actually, come to think about it, those were unofficial dates! But Mr Goh thought it was strange and shot down my idea not-so-subtlely. Ish, that man doesn’t have an eye for unique stuff!!
 Photo credits: wikipedia

We both liked greenery, natural, casual feel for our photos, so we thought Hort Park and/or Botanic Gardens would be good. But the photographer informed that Botanic Gardens is overdone, while Hort Park doesn’t have a lot of nice spots. What would be good is the space behind Hort Park, Hyderabad Road.
 Photo credits: whatareyoudoingbooboo.blogpost.com

The photographer also suggested Lorong Halus to us when we told him we like the element of fun injected into our pictures so he came up with the idea of a picnic. But when we did a recce, immediately we didn’t like the place. Too much lalang – not good for my skin (I get rashes easily) and hard to reach. Plus it may be muddy if it rains.

 Photo credits: hasayang.wordpress.com

National Museum is also a popular choice and I do like their white buildings and glass staircase. But in the end, we decided against it because it was becoming very popular and maybe, not so us. If you’re interested to do your shoot there, please note that there’s a $180 fee payable to National Museum (and it allows you to use part of their premises for only 2 hours). Read here for information

In the end, we decided on these 3 locations:

1) Hyderabad Road
2) Changi Airport T2 (since we both love to travel, and only got closer when I decided on a whim, to join him on his Alaska trip, when I don’t even know him all that well yet)
3) Blu Kouzina (for my love of Santorini)

Tips for outdoor shoot:

1) Please check the weather forecast and have backup (indoor) locations in case of rain.
2) Do a site recce of the places suggested by your photographer, to familiarize yourself with the traveling route and also to brainstorm for prop ideas

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